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Learn all about multivariate analysis using PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ in one of our intensive international workshops. Our workshops are famous for providing tailored, personal and empowering advice to individuals. They are designed fully with practicing researchers in mind – especially biologists, ecologists and environmental scientists. All our presenters are people who combine statistical expertise with a knowledge and passion for ecology and biology. Workshops have two main goals: (i) to expose participants to what is possible in the field of multivariate analysis and (ii) to help participants analyse their own data sets using the best available tools for their personal research goals. Participants generally achieve not only a great deal of learning, but also tend to emerge triumphant, replete with novel and often unexpected insights into their own datasets.

Upcoming workshops are listed below. Click on a listing for information and registration. To enquire regarding future workshops or to express interest in hosting a workshop in your region, please contact the PRIMER-e office directly: [email protected].

IMPORTANT: Please read our Statement on COVID-19.

Upcoming Workshops

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Our online workshops are given within a particular time-zone, and all presentations are given live, but you may easily attend any of our online workshops from anywhere. To convert a workshop’s stated time-zone to your own, enter the relevant location, dates and times HERE.

PRIMER 7, Online (November 2021)
PRIMER 7, Online Workshop in Spanish
29th November – 3rd December 2021: Central European Time (UTC + 1 hr)
Dr. Juan José Cruz Motta y Dr. Edlin José Guerra Castro
PRIMER 7, Online (December 2021)
PRIMER 7, Online Workshop
6th – 10th December 2021: U.K. Time (GMT/UTC + 0 hrs)
Dr Paul J. Somerfield
PRIMER 7, Online (February 2022)
PRIMER 7, Online Course
7th – 11th February 2022: USA Eastern Standard Time (UTC – 5 hrs)
Dr Paul J. Somerfield
PERMANOVA+, Online (March 2022)
PERMANOVA+, Online Workshop in Spanish
21st – 25th March 2022: Central European Time (UTC + 1 hr)
Dr. Juan José Cruz Motta y Dr. Edlin José Guerra Castro