Multivariate analysis using PRIMER 7 with PERMANOVA+

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Learn all about multivariate analysis using PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ in one of our intensive international online workshops. Upcoming workshops are listed below. Click on a listing for information and registration. Note that we will apply our Global Equitability Pricing discounts (based on the participants’ country of residence) to the cost of registration for online workshops* and any associated software purchase(s). For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, you’ll get 16.03% off our standard registration price for online workshops. Other examples: Spain = 35.95% off, South Africa = 57.39% off, India = 71.49% off, … etc.

* (Please note that registrations for in-person workshops may not be eligible for GEP-discounted prices. Please check the information provided for each individual workshop for further details.)

Bring an expert into your world.

Our workshops are famous for empowering individual participants in their research journeys. They are designed fully with practicing researchers in mind – especially biologists, ecologists and environmental scientists. Our presenters combine statistical expertise with a knowledge and passion for ecology and biology. Workshops have two main goals: (i) to expose participants to what is possible in the field of multivariate analysis and (ii) to help participants approach their own data with confidence using the best available tools for their specific research goals. Participants can expect to achieve a great deal of learning, replete with novel examples and insights for the visualisation and analysis of complex multivariate data.

Our online workshops are given within a particular time-zone but you may easily attend any of our online workshops from anywhere. To convert a workshop’s stated time-zone to your own, enter the relevant location, dates and times HERE. Click on a listing below for information and registration. To request a future workshop in your time-zone or to ask any other questions regarding workshops, please contact the PRIMER-e office directly:

PRIMER 7 and PERMANOVA+, In-person (February 2024)
The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (MBA), Plymouth, United Kingdom
19th – 23rd February 2024: PRIMER 7 (Week 1)
26th February – 1st March 2024: PERMANOVA+ (Week 2)
Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson
PRIMER 7, Online (April 2024)
PRIMER 7, Online Course
1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th April 2024: East Coast USA, Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4 hrs)
Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson
PRIMER and PERMANOVA+, In-person (August 2024)
School of Biological Sciences (SBS), University of Auckland, New Zealand
26th – 30th August 2024: PRIMER (Week 1)
2nd – 6th September 2024: PERMANOVA+ (Week 2)
Dr Adam N. H. Smith & Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson
PRIMER/PERMANOVA Essentials, Hybrid (September 2024)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), California, USA
23rd – 27th September 2024: PRIMER/PERMANOVA Essentials
Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson