U. S. Geological Survey, Tacoma, WA, USA

How to Register

For further information please download and read the workshop documents listed in the blue box above. To register, please send your completed registration form to the PRIMER-e office at: [email protected]. Please send a separate individual registration form for each participant and contact the PRIMER-e office directly if you wish to receive a single invoice for multiple registrations. For information regarding on-site logistics contact the local organiser: Patrick Moran ([email protected]).

Workshop Details


Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson

This is an advanced course, designed for postgraduate students and professionals in the natural sciences, particularly those who already have some familiarity with the basic multivariate routines in PRIMER. Participants will learn to harness the power of PERMANOVA+ to formally model responses of ecological communities to complex experimental/sampling designs. Participants are expected to have familiarity with basic routines in PRIMER (such as MDS, PCA, ANOSIM, etc.), and be keen to explore the more advanced analytical methods. The workshop will flow between lectures and lab sessions, with opportunities for participants to analyse their own datasets in consultation with the lecturer.