PRIMER 7, Online Course

Online Course Details

PRIMER version 7 will be presented by Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson (Massey University and PRIMER-e)

This online course is designed to give a fundamental understanding of how to analyse and gain insights from data using nonparametric multivariate methods implemented in the software PRIMER 7. Participants will engage in a combination of live, online lectures and practical sessions with real datasets, with plenty of time for asking questions and free-flow discussions with the presenter.

Core basic multivariate routines covered in the course include: pre-treatment of data; definitions of similarity; clustering; ordination by principal components (PCA) and non-metric multi-dimensional scaling (nMDS); permutation tests on similarity matrices for structured (ANOSIM, RELATE) and unstructured (SIMPROF) cases; linking biotic patterns to environmental data (RELATE and BEST); biodiversity indices, including taxonomic distinctness; and graphical tools for effective presentation of results. Participants will also explore: shade plots with flexible ordering & clustering of axes; dispersion weighting for handling aggregated data; coherence plots to show groups of species having similar response patterns among samples; divisive clustering methods; similarity percentages (SIMPER) for identifying species that characterise groups of samples; metric, threshold metric, non-metric or combined MDS in any dimensions; bootstrap averages to show variation among averages in metric MDS space; 2-way versions of BEST and RELATE; new plot types (bar, box, means, line, histogram, scatter, surface, shade) in 2-d or 3-d; animations of ordinations captured to video files; multi-factor and multi-variable segmented bubble plots in 2-d and 3-d; ANOSIM extended for ordered factors and 3-factor designs and much more…

For much of the final day, participants will be allocated into break-out groups to discuss and analyse their own data in real time in an open, collaborative setting, with support from other participants in the group and the presenter.

How to Register

For further information please download and read the course documents listed in the blue box labelled “Download Information”, above. To register, please send your completed registration form to the PRIMER-e office at: The deadline for registration and payment is 30th October 2023. Late registrants will only be accepted if space permits.

A subsequent online PERMANOVA+ workshop will be held in Australian Western Standard Time – AWST (UTC +8 hrs) 27th November – 1st December 2023. Details can be found here:

Workshop Fees and Software

Workshop fees for residents of the USA or Australia are: $880 USD for Professionals and $580 USD for Full-time Students. For those who reside elsewhere, we offer Global Equitability Pricing (GEP) which includes a percentage discount off our standard US prices in direct accordance with the Price Level Ratio (PLR) published by the World Bank for your country of residence. In essence, our GEP means that the amount you pay for our software and registrations for online workshops depends on your country of residence.

Workshop participants may purchase time-unlimited PRIMER software at 10% off our standard prices in $USD. Participants who do not reside in the USA or Australia, please consult the Table of Global Equitability pricing levels HERE to identify the GEP discount for your country of residence.

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