ENES-Mérida UNAM, Mérida, Yucatán, México

Workshop Details

This is a two-week workshop, fully sanctioned by PRIMER-e and presented in Spanish by Prof Juan J Cruz-Motta (Universidad de Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, PR) and Dr Edlin Guerra Castro (ENES-Mérida UNAM, Mexico). Registration to attend this workshop is restricted to researchers and postgraduate students from Mexico, Latin America or the Caribbean only. The first week will cover all the basic aspects of non-parametric multivariate statistical methods for community data (PRIMER core methods), including the tools available in PRIMER version 7. The second week will cover methods in the PERMANOVA+ module (including PERMANOVA, PCO, PERMDISP, DistLM, dbRDA and CAP, as well as aspects of sampling and the design of experiments, detection of environmental impacts, methods for measuring and analysing beta-diversity, and unbalanced/asymmetrical designs). This workshop is partially funded by the Postgraduate Program Marine Sciences, Limnology and Oceanography of UNAM and PRIMER-e. Some fellowships as well as reduced registration costs are available. For information download the documents in the blue box above or contact the local organizer Dr. Edlin Guerra ([email protected]).