Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples, Italy

Workshop Details

PRIMER 7 (Week 1) will be presented by Dr Paul J. Somerfield (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

PERMANOVA+ (Week 2) will be presented by Distinguished Professor Marti J. Anderson (Massey University and PRIMER-e, FRSNZ)

This two-week in-person workshop will be held in-person at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, Italy. This workshop consists of two parts. Week 1 will cover the non-parametric methods in PRIMER 7. Week 2 will cover the semi-parametric methods in the PERMANOVA+ add-on package for PRIMER. The workshop will run 5 days per week, Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:45 each day. Participants may register for week 1 only, week 2 only, or both weeks. Each week mixes lectures and computer lab sessions on example data and includes practical sessions in which participants can discuss and analyse their own data in consultation with the lecturer.

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn

Week 1 will consist of an extensive overview of statistical methods in non-parametric analysis of multivariate data implemented in the software PRIMER 7. It will cater both to those who are new to PRIMER and to those who are already familiar with PRIMER software and methods. Non-parametric statistics and permutation tests make the methods intuitively simple to understand, so no prior background in statistics is assumed.

PERMANOVA+ is an add-on package for PRIMER 7. It allows robust analysis of multivariate data in response to complex sampling/experimental designs on the basis of a resemblance measure of choice, with rigorous inferences obtained using permutation methods. The methods in PERMANOVA+ enable formal models, tests, and predictions to be achieved for multivariate ecological (and other) systems that are over-parameterised (i.e., have too many variables) and/or that demonstrate substantial non-normality. Familiarity with the core methods in PRIMER and/or some prior knowledge of basic multivariate methods is desirable. However, week 2 (like week 1) will emphasise conceptual understanding, as well as the use and interpretation of the methods, especially for ecological scientists and practitioners, so no prior background in statistics is assumed.

How to Register

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