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PRIMER version 7

Our core package for sharp, sophisticated​ nonparametric multivariate analysis

PRIMER has become the global standard in software tools for nonparametric​ multivariate analysis. Classical techniques falter when there are too many​ variables, or when assumptions of multivariate normality do not hold.​

PRIMER comes to the rescue with statistical methods that rely on robust​ permutation techniques for rigorous inference, generally performed on rank​ similarities, chosen by the user. Minimise your assumptions. Maximise your insights.​

​Filled with a host of new offerings unique to PRIMER (such as 3-way ANOSIM,
threshold-metric MDS, kRCLUSTER, bootstrap averages, etc.), version 7 provides
an indispensable modern tool to visualise, analyse and characterise salient patterns in multivariate data.


Our add-on package: model your multivariate​ data in response to complex study designs

PERMANOVA+ takes dissimilarity-based analyses to a whole new level: to​ multi-factorial designs, discriminant analysis, model-selection, and beyond.​

Researchers have to consider lots of simultaneous factors: fixed or random,​ hierarchical, crossed, balanced or unbalanced, repeated measures​ or other structures in time and space.​

PERMANOVA+ lets you easily tackle complexity, including high-order interactions.​

With PERMANOVA+, all of the hard stuff has been worked out, implemented​ and tested by the experts, freeing you to focus on what matters most: the results!​