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Coming PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ workshops

All workshops given below are either taken by PRIMER-E personnel or their close academic colleagues, and PRIMER-E has had a role in the organisation and sanctioning of these courses. If an advertised course with firm dates is not listed here, we have no connection with it. Those given in bold type are ‘open’ commercial courses for which dates are fixed and places are believed still to be available at the time of last update of this Web page. They are designed for all-comers, primarily biologists or environmental scientists, and typically attended by a mix of university and other public sector research staff, post-graduate students, and consultants and applied scientists from the public and private environmental sectors. For further details please contact the local organiser (name and e-mail address given, or, if unsuccessful, contact Cathy Clarke or Marg Moroney at

2014 workshops

**FILLING UP FAST** 12 – 17 May 2014, St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. This 5-day workshop, continuing a long-running series at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, will focus on the more advanced and recently developing topics in PRIMER and also contain a substantial amount of material on the PERMANOVA+ add-on. As such, it is aimed primarily at those who already have some working experience of PRIMER but wish to: a) brush up and deepen their understanding of the full range of methods offered in PRIMER; b) learn some new ways of using this multivariate framework, which are the subject of current research in recent (or soon to be published) methodology papers; c) be introduced to analyses for more complex field or experimental designs, using the PERMANOVA+ add-on. It is well-suited to those who have already been to a previous PRIMER course, but the week will be structured so that those who are new to this area will also be able to learn much about the core methods, and gain valuable experience in operating them. The week will be led by Prof Bob Clarke (of PRIMER-E and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK, and Murdoch University, W Australia). As in the past, the local organisation (registration, payments, accommodation etc) will all be handled by Prof Gerhard Pohle of the Huntsman Atlantic Reference Centre. Contact Gerhard at for further information.

**VERY NEARLY FULL** 23 – 27 June, 2014, Aberdeen, Scotland. This 5-day PRIMER workshop is being held in the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, led by Dr Paul Somerfield (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), who has been closely involved with development of the PRIMER methodology and is principal biodiversity researcher and quantitative community ecologist at the PML. Paul is highly experienced at applying PRIMER to multivariate problems well outside the marine community ecology sphere in which much of the methodology was first developed, having published (and given PRIMER courses round the world to researchers) in microbial ecology, genetics, soil science, terrestrial & freshwater ecology etc. The format will be similar to the PRIMER course in Plymouth on the following week. Half the spaces have been taken by JHI staff and students and there has been very strong interest in the remaining places (the first PRIMER workshop to be held in this part of the UK), to the point where the workshop is close to having filled, only a few days after opening. There are at most a small handful of spaces left, so you should make contact immediately with Cathy or Marg at the PRIMER-E office in Plymouth,, to be sent information and a registration form, which would need immediate return to stand a chance of registration. A waiting list will also be started, since at this stage there is still a reasonable likelihood of a small number of drop-outs as well. The local organiser is Clare Cameron,, who can be contacted about any local issues, but the administration (registration, payment etc) is being run solely from the PRIMER-E office for everyone apart from JHI staff and students, who should contact Clare.

**STEADY BOOKING – STILL SPACES** 30 June – 4 July, 2014, Plymouth, UK. This is the latest in the long-running series of 5-day PRIMER workshops held at the Marine Biological Association’s building at Citadel Hill in Plymouth, UK. Leading the workshop will be PRIMER’s instigator, Prof Bob Clarke (PRIMER-E and Plymouth Marine Laboratory Fellow), assisted by Ray Gorley (the developer/coder of all the Windows versions of PRIMER and PERMANOVA+). Dr Paul Somerfield (PML) may also participate in the leadership team later in the week (on his return from the proposed Aberdeen course! – see above). Though this is a PRIMER course, catering both to people new to this area and experienced users who want to understand more of the methodological background and improve their interpretational skills with these methods, there will also be a session introducing participants to the brief rationale and capabilities of the PERMANOVA+ add-on software. We will also be discussing some new, recently published, PRIMER techniques. As usual, participants are encouraged to bring along some of their own data, and discuss its analyses on a one-to-one basis with the workshop leaders. The course is administered from the PRIMER-E office in Plymouth; contact Cathy or Marg at to be sent full details and a registration form.

**GENERAL BOOKING JUST OPENED** 15 – 19 September, 2014, St Petersburg FL, USA. This is a 5-day PRIMER workshop led by PRIMER’s instigator, Prof Bob Clarke (PRIMER-E and Plymouth Marine Laboratory Fellow), with a similar content to the Plymouth course described above, and held at the Weedon Island Preserve Visitors’ Center, St Pete ( As with the previous workshops in these biennial St Pete courses, the local organiser is Walt Jaap ( Contact Walt to be sent full details and a registration form – and Walt can advise on the many accommodation possibilities. However, completed registration forms and payment information need to be returned directly to PRIMER-E office in Plymouth, UK. Contact Cathy or Marg at for any queries on software licences.

Other workshops

Further workshops are anticipated later in 2014, e.g. there will almost certainly be an Australian venue around November.

Any organisation or individual interested in hosting a future PRIMER and/or PERMANOVA+ course in their part of the world, on a fully commercial basis, should contact us at These courses would be led by one of the following team of experienced professionals: Dr Paul Somerfield, Prof Marti Anderson, Prof Bob Clarke, Prof Victor Quintino, Prof JJ Cruz-Motta and Dr Edlin Guerra. All have limited time for such activities but we will attempt to schedule any course which we believe is financially and administratively viable, though you should typically plan for a lead time of up to a year.

Updated 25 March 2014.