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Coming PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ workshops

All workshops given below are either taken by PRIMER-E personnel or their close academic colleagues, and PRIMER-E has had a role in the organisation and sanctioning of these courses. If an advertised course with firm dates is not listed here, we have no connection with it. Those given in bold type are ‘open’ commercial courses for which dates are fixed and places are believed still to be available at the time of last update of this Web page. They are designed for all-comers, primarily biologists or environmental scientists, and typically attended by a mix of university and other public sector research staff, post-graduate students, and consultants and applied scientists from the public and private environmental sectors. For further details please contact the local organiser (name and e-mail address given, or, if unsuccessful, contact Cathy Clarke or Marg Moroney at

Definite 2015 workshops

11-15 May 2015, Plymouth, UK. This will be a 5-day advanced PRIMER workshop aimed at people who have already participated in a PRIMER 6 (or 5) course. It is mainly designed to cover all the new methods in PRIMER 7, over the first 3.5 days, but will also spend a day going through the main components of testing in complex higher-way designs, as implemented in the PERMANOVA+ add-on, and will keep a final afternoon for individual discussions with participants on their own particular analysis issues. The week will be led by Prof Bob Clarke (PRIMER-E and Plymouth Marine Laboratory Fellow), likely to be assisted by Ray Gorley (PRIMER-E) and Dr Paul Somerfield (PML). Further information and registration is through the PRIMER-E office in Plymouth, Note that this week is not suitable for those new to PRIMER (in any version). A more standard introductory PRIMER course - but using PRIMER 7 and thus covering its main features - will (almost certainly) be held in Plymouth this year, perhaps soon after this advanced workshop (but before the school summer holidays in the UK) or perhaps in October/November, depending on the level of demand. Again contact the PRIMER-E office with expressions of interest in either type of workshop, so that we can judge how best to meet your needs.

Other 2015 workshops

Discussions are ongoing for either one or two PRIMER 7 workshops in the USA and at least one in Australia. Watch the web site for announcements or contact the PRIMER-E office to be put on a notification list.

Any organisation or individual interested in hosting a future PRIMER and/or PERMANOVA+ course in their part of the world, on a fully commercial basis, should contact us at These courses would be led by one of the following team of experienced professionals: Dr Paul Somerfield, Prof Marti Anderson, Prof Bob Clarke, Prof Victor Quintino, Prof JJ Cruz-Motta and Prof Edlin Guerra. All have limited time for such activities but we will attempt to schedule any course which we believe is financially and administratively viable, though you should typically plan for a lead time of up to a year.

Updated 3 February 2015