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Coming PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ workshops

All workshops given below are either taken by PRIMER-E personnel or their close academic colleagues, and PRIMER-E has had a role in the organisation and sanctioning of these courses. If an advertised course with firm dates is not listed here, we have no connection with it. Those given in bold type are ‘open’ commercial courses for which dates are fixed and places are believed still to be available at the time of last update of this Web page. They are designed for all-comers, primarily biologists or environmental scientists, and typically attended by a mix of university and other public sector research staff, post-graduate students, and consultants and applied scientists from the public and private environmental sectors. Unless otherwise specified, please contact Lyn Shave at the PRIMER-E office for further details of all workshops.

Future workshops

**BOOKING NOW OPEN** 10-14 October 2016, British Antarctic Survey (BAS), Cambridge, UK. A 5-day PRIMER 7 workshop suitable both for those who are new or relatively new to the subject of multivariate analysis in community ecology, environmental science or other disciplines, and for participants who have been using earlier versions of PRIMER, or other software, but wish to find out about the range of new analyses which are now possible in the greatly expanded latest version, PRIMER 7. Though a number of spaces have already been allocated to BAS staff and students, there will be around a dozen spaces available for all-comers, from any discipline in which the ability to perform robust multivariate testing and description, typically of large numbers of variables, is a major requirement. The week will be led by Dr Paul Somerfield (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), a numerical ecologist who has been instrumental in developing and using the methods in PRIMER, over a wide range of application contexts, for at least two decades. The local organiser from BAS is Terri Souster,, who can help with local knowledge about possible hotels, car parking on site etc. The registration is being handled through the PRIMER office, email:, to whom you should address requests for fuller information, a booking form and a provisional programme. Registration forms are returned to the PRIMER office, who will issue invoices for the workshop fee and any requested software purchases. However, software purchase or upgrade is not mandatory in order to register, since temporary licences (which are fully functional) can be made available to mount on the laptop which you need to bring to the workshop. These will run for the workshop week and a few weeks afterwards before they expire, allowing you time to assess any purchase needs.

**BOOKING NOW OPEN** 5-9 & 12-16 December 2016, Massey University, North Shore Campus, Auckland, New Zealand. This is a unique opportunity to experience the full spread and detail of methods in PRIMER v7 and the PERMANOVA+ add-on, given by the acknowledged experts in these methods, over the course of two weeks. Booking can be for either or both weeks.
Week 1 is a 5-day PRIMER 7 workshop led by Dr Paul Somerfield (Plymouth Marine Laboratory), a numerical ecologist who has been closely involved in developing the PRIMER methods, not only in the most recent v7 version but over the last twenty years. Paul will cover the full range of PRIMER routines offered, so this week is suitable for those who are new to its non-parametric, permutation-based multivariate approaches, and developments in functional and structural biodiversity indices. But this first week will cater equally for those who are very familiar with the routines in PRIMER 6 (and earlier) but want mainly to learn about the many new clustering, testing, ordination, graphical and species-based analyses available in PRIMER 7 for the first time. Past workshops have been attended by scientists from a very wide range of disciplines: marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecology and oceanography, soil science and forestry, environmental science, microbial ecology, microbiology and genetics, remote sensing, modelling, etc, and Paul has applied PRIMER methods in published work in all these areas.
Week 2 is a 5-day PERMANOVA+ workshop led by the instigator of these methods, Prof Marti Anderson FRSNZ (Institute for Advanced Study, Massey University), an ecological statistician whose initial training in marine ecology and subsequent move into theoretical statistics at the Auckland and Massey universities makes her the supreme exponent of these methods for analysing more complex structured designs found in ecology and a similarly wide range of disciplines, in which the ability to handle multivariate data is key. This week is also aimed at practising scientists rather than theoretical statisticians, and covers the full range of semi-parametric permutation-based statistical tests for crossed and nested designs with several fixed/random interacting factors, including unbalanced designs or those with covariates; unconstrained and constrained ordination (including analogues of discriminant analysis); and the equivalent of multiple linear regression for understanding the links between multivariate responses and explanatory variables. PERMANOVA+ is an add-on to PRIMER so participants with no experience of PRIMER 7 are strongly advised to participate in the full fortnight - the material of Week 1 will not be repeated in Week 2.
To be sent more complete information, a registration form and workshop programme details, please contact Lyn Shave at the PRIMER-E office,

**EXPRESS INTEREST TO GET ON A PRE-REGISTRATION LIST** February 20-24, 2017, Weedon Island, St Petersburg, Florida, USA. This will be another in the long-running series of 5-day PRIMER workshops, open to all-comers and locally organised by Walt Jaap ( It will be designed to cover both the needs of those who are entirely new to the subject and those existing users who want to find out more about all the new features in PRIMER 7. (PERMANOVA+ routines are not covered; they are the subject of a further full week in Virgina, shortly afterwards, see below). The date has only just been fixed for this workshop, so registration will not be open for a few weeks. If you are potentially interested in participating please contact the PRIMER-E office, to be put on a pre-registration list, so that you are the first to receive the registration information.

**EXPRESS INTEREST TO GET ON A PRE-REGISTRATION LIST** March 6-10, 2017, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. A rare opportunity to catch Prof Marti Anderson FRSNZ leading a 5-day PERMANOVA+ workshop in the USA, covering testing methods for more complex field and experimental designs with multivariate data (and a range of other semi-parametric techniques), in this add-on package to PRIMER. The week is aimed at practioners, not theoretical statisticians, and is appropriate for people who already have some experience of multivariate analyses, such as covered in the above St Pete week - the workshop concerns only the PERMANOVA+ add-on routines and not the PRIMER 7 methods generally, so there will be no overlap with the St Pete PRIMER workshop on February 20-24. In fact, registration for both weeks of this matching pair of workshops is recommended. The local organiser is Lisa Kellogg (Virginia Institute of Marine Science), The date has only just been fixed for this week, so registration will not be open for a little while. If you are potentially interested in participating please contact the PRIMER-E office, to be put on a pre-registration list, and we will inform you when booking opens.

Other workshops

Any organisation or individual interested in hosting a future PRIMER and/or PERMANOVA+ course in their part of the world, on a fully commercial basis, should contact us at Generally, PRIMER workshops would be led by Dr Paul J Somerfield and PERMANOVA+ weeks by Prof Marti J Anderson. We will attempt to schedule any course which we believe is financially and administratively viable, though you should typically plan for a lead time of up to a year.

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