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Coming PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ workshops

All workshops given below are either taken by PRIMER-E personnel or their close academic colleagues, and PRIMER-E has had a role in the organisation and sanctioning of these courses. If an advertised course with firm dates is not listed here, we have no connection with it. Those given in bold type are ‘open’ commercial courses for which dates are fixed and places are believed still to be available at the time of last update of this Web page. They are designed for all-comers, primarily biologists or environmental scientists, and typically attended by a mix of university and other public sector research staff, post-graduate students, and consultants and applied scientists from the public and private environmental sectors. For further details please contact the local organiser (name and e-mail address given, or, if unsuccessful, contact Cathy Clarke or Marg Moroney at

2015 workshops

**NOW FULL - WAITING LIST STARTED** 12-16 January 2015, Long Beach CA, USA. This is a PRIMER workshop over 5 days at a new location, the California State University campus at Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach. It will cater both for those new to multivariate methods in ecology and environmental science (and from wider disciplines) and those potential participants who have used PRIMER or similar techniques but wish to deepen their understanding of the methods and widen their practical experience of routines with which they are relatively less familiar. Prof Bob Clarke (a PRIMER-E Director and Plymouth Marine Laboratory Fellow, the instigator of PRIMER) will again lead this week and participants are encouraged to bring along some of their own data to analyse in some of the computer lab sessions, under Bob’s guidance. There will be the opportunity to hear about and use some newly published tools in the PRIMER framework. Though the workshop week primarily covers the PRIMER routines, Bob will also be briefly discussing and demonstrating the PERMANOVA+ add-on software to PRIMER, which broadens the methods into more structured survey designs, experiments etc, with several, complex interacting factors. The local organiser for this workshop is Asst Prof Christine Whitcraft of CSULB, E-mail the PRIMER-E office in Plymouth, UK,, to obtain full details of the workshop, a provisional schedule and a registration form, or e-mail Christine for the same information - you can also ask her about any local details (e.g. she has arranged a competitive hotel deal close to the campus venue). Completed registration forms for the course itself, however, must be returned to the PRIMER-E office in Plymouth, UK, who are handling all registration and payments for this workshop. Also, contact Cathy or Marg at if you have any queries concerning non-local issues, such as PRIMER licencing.

Other workshops

At present, the Long Beach CA, USA workshop above is the only open week scheduled so far for 2015, though open workshops in other parts of the world are under discussion, for example it is highly likely that there will be Australian and UK workshops planned for the first half of 2015. This page will be updated as soon as further information is available.

Any organisation or individual interested in hosting a future PRIMER and/or PERMANOVA+ course in their part of the world, on a fully commercial basis, should contact us at These courses would be led by one of the following team of experienced professionals: Dr Paul Somerfield, Prof Marti Anderson, Prof Bob Clarke, Prof Victor Quintino, Prof JJ Cruz-Motta and Dr Edlin Guerra. All have limited time for such activities but we will attempt to schedule any course which we believe is financially and administratively viable, though you should typically plan for a lead time of up to a year.

Updated 12 December 2014