Downloading PRIMER 7

PRIMER requires a PC running Windows XP or later. It requires an internet connection, though an offline solution is available. To open or save Excel files you need Excel 2000 or later installed on the same PC as PRIMER. The manuals require a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader. It needs to be installed from an admin account, but can then be run from any account.

Download PRIMER 7...

Save to a temporary folder such as 'Downloads'. Install by double clicking on the downloaded file. The software will initially function in trial mode, which also includes the PERMANOVA+ add-on. You can access a 'Getting Started' guide and the trial example files from the 'Help' menu. To get full functionality you need to purchase a licence key. This will also enable downloading of the user/tutorial and methods manuals as PDF files, as well as extensive example data files. Optionally a purchased licence key can include the PERMANOVA+ add-on.

Activating PRIMER

Enter the purchased licence key as follows.
Select the 'Help>Install Licence' menu option in PRIMER.
Copy and paste the given 32 character licence key into the 'License key' box and click on the 'Install' button.
After the key has installed, click on the 'Close' button.